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Just bought a 2015 ram 1500 ecodiesel
I tried to start it yesterday at about -13 and a puff of blue smoke came through the tail pipe. This morning tried to,start at about 10 f and I noticed little blue smoke
The truck has 1000 miles and I love it just concerned
Thank you

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Welcome to the forum. Keep an eye on your oil consumption and document it. You may need that information later if there is a problem with the engine. Really would not be surprised to see a puff of smoke from any engine when it is started at -13.

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Blue smoke is an indication of oil being burnt. The oil can enter the combustion chamber for several reasons.

  • Worn valve guides or seals
  • Wear in power assemblies (ie cylinders, piston rings, ring grooves)
  • Cylinder glaze
  • Piston ring sticking
  • Incorrect grade of oil (eg oil too thin, and migrating past the rings)
  • Fuel dilution in the oil (oil thinned out with diesel)
At cold start, blue smoke is often evident, and can reflect reduced oil control, due to fouling deposits around piston rings or cylinder glaze (which is actually carbon deposited in the machined cylinder crosshatching. These tiny grooves actually hold a film of oil, which in turn completes the seal between the combustion chamber and the oil wetted crankcase). Blue smoke should not be evident at any time, but it is worth noting, that engines with good sound compression can actually burn quite a lot of oil without evidence of blue smoke. Good compression allows oil to burn cleanly, as part of the fuel. It is not good though!

in short go to the shop and check your engine components your diesel is too new for blue smoke

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