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Cali guy bought one tonight!

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I've been reading this forum for a few months now and finally bought one. Got a Big Horn Crew Cab in black. I didn't initially want all the Bells and Whistles but my wife saw the look on may face so we did it. I've never owned such a nice vehicle. I'll finish the paperwork tomorrow. I reset the trip odometer on my way home via the freeway and set cruise at 70mph. Even though it was only 25 mi I got 33mpg. The Nissan Armada I traded in (great car) couldn't on it's best day get 18mpg. Anyway the dealer was great and I'll finish up with him tomorrow. DEF is 1/3 full as is the fuel tank. At age 50 I thought the air ride was a waste of money till I saw it at it's lowest setting and now I think my Mom can get in without assist.
Oh and this is my first Diesel ever. I was very concerned but after going here and other places I feel good about my purchase. If my MPG's keep up it will actually cut my gas bill in half so it's really not that expensive after all.
BTW cheapest Diesel I have seen out here is $3.43/gal. And most places Diesel is only 20 cents more than Regular Unleaded. So I'm feeling pretty good right now.
Fingers crossed,
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Your gas bill will be cut in half?! That's awesome. What are you driving now? A Hummer?
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