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Can't decide between Ecodiesel or Cummins

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This is my first post on here, so I apologize if this is in the wrong location.

I am currently driving an 08 Silverado 1500 with the 5.3l, and I want something that pulls a bit better. I pull a 16' tandem flat trailer about once or twice a month for a three hour round trip with mostly interstate driving. I do not know how heavy it is loaded at the most, but my Silverado feels the trailer on acceleration. It can be a pain to accelerate on the interstate if I need to, and instead of getting a truck with a larger gas motor, I am thinking a diesel. I want to know if the Ecodiesel will be a noticeable difference over the 5.3, or if I should go straight for the Cummins. I am loving the mpg figures people are throwing about for the Ecodiesel, and this truck is mainly a daily driver, but that Cummins power though...

Also, in both the 1500 and 2500 crew cab, the back seats fold up for storage space. Do both models have the flat folding floor under the seat in every trim level? It is a necessity for me. I tend to throw stuff in the back seat in the winter that cannot get cold, and it requires a large flat area.
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5.3L has 315 hp and 338 lb·ft of torque. I am by no means an automotive person, so I don't know much about the numbers aspect of trucks. I doubt the trailer would ever exceed 9,000 lbs.

I do not mean the seats fold flat, I am asking about the flat floor that you can fold out after the seat folds up.

Here is a link to a picture of what I am talking about. Not sure of the quality. The internet where I am is terrible :/


My dad has an 06 with the 5.7L hemi. I do not feel like it feels the trailer the way my Silverado does, of course I am not nearly as use to it as I am my truck. The Silverado also seems to gear hunt a lot on the interstate, and if I put it in tow/haul mode, it does not ever reach the final gear and I cruse down the interstate at 2500-3000 rpm. Is this a lot better with the ecodiesel?
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The flat area would hold maybe 100 lbs tops with what I would put back there. I am going to guess it would be 2,000-3,000 lbs plus the trailer weight at the most.
I don't really know what more info to give. I am a farm kid, and we have no diesel trucks on the farm, which is partially why I want one. We never do what I would consider really heavy pulling, but we do pull some decent loads (wagons, combine heads, trailer with seed on it, etc.) All of that stuff is short distances. We farm 800 acres, and the furthest field is about 5 miles from home. I am also going to college for radiology, and there is a possibility that, when I have to do my clinicals, I will have to drive somewhere 45 minutes away once a week.

Can I get the nice tow mirrors on the 1500 ecodiesel? The mirrors on our 2015 Yukon Denali are too small. I can barely see to back our boat with them, and I am afraid the standard mirrors on the 1500 will not be much better.
I will probably go for the eco then. Thanks. The engine and tranny were in the Jeep, right? Have there been any issues reported that a person should worry about?
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