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Catalytic Converter?

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To some, this question may sound dumb, but this is my first diesel purchase that contains multiple emission devices & I just don't know all the parts yet. My question is; does our truck have a "catalytic converter"? I know it has a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter); could the DPF also be called a "catalytic converter"? Service stated that's the 1st thing they have ordered & its on back order with no date of availability. Is my chain getting yanked here? Thanks for any info you folks can provide.
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Your Ram eco diesel has an oxidation catalyst, then an SCR (selective catalytic reduction with Urea injector in front of it) and finally a dpf (diesel particulate filter).

The dealer that ordered the part might be confused as well. A part number will help determine the exact part being replaced.
I need to correct the order of those components in the DS exhaust system. The first big can downstream of turbo holds an oxidation catalyst and the DPF. Then it flows into the SCR catalyst and out through the muffler. Sorry about the mis information in the previous post.
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