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CEL and DEF problems

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First time posting and I need some guidance from the forum. I purchased my new Laramie Eco Diesel and it was delivered in August 2014. In September with 4000 km I got my 1st regen in warmer climate. Beginning in Dec when colder temperatures arrived my 1st CEL light came on and dealer replaced oxygen sensor, 400 km later CEL again and this time a week at dealership awaiting at CAT converter, at 11,000 CEL this time a clogged DEF nozzle, 500 km later CEL this time a new DEF pump after a week at dealership and thisa past Monday after only 300 km CEL and I'm informed I need a new NOX sensor and a DEF injector which is on back order and no date for delivery. Meanwhile truck sits at the garage and they gave me a **** NOX as a loaner. I a quickly loosing faith in this truck as I had hoped at 63 it might my last vehicle and went all in when purchasing. I've read many comments about how cold weather can have a very negative effect on these systems, in northern NB cold weather in winter is an every day occurrence like regularly -10 to -20+ and I am wondering if this was the right truck for this climate. I am not very mechanically inclined and maybe that was a mistake purchasing new technology so early in the came. I do love the truck for all other aspects.
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I got my truck in July and just started getting check engine light with a P20EE code. Took it to the dealer once and they updated the software but that did not fix it. They are now ordering a cat and that's going to take 2 weeks to get. I also go the notice on the display that the truck will not start after 200 miles. The deal says it is related to the cat and it will not stop at 200 miles.

I asked why a truck with 23k needs a cat, he said it was a bad design from dodge.

I will update after the new cat is in.
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