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Check out the 2015 Ram Laramie Limited

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The Laramie Limited trim is the top Ram that you can buy. It brings customers full leather seating, an (optional) dose of chrome trim, and many fancy materials. Other features include 20-inch wide chrome "RAM" badges on the tailgate. Perhaps the most obvious change is the flashy new grille that boldy reads "RAM".

Ram Laramie Limited packs class-leading chrome load
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Get that away from me...bring back the crosshairs... please tell me it will be kept, er, exclusive to laramie....
I miss the days when they stamped the mfg name in the tailgate. I like it the same colour as the truck to be a little subtle. Mixed feelings about the huge chrome RAM on the tailgate.

I have an outdoosman with very little chrome and I visited an old neighbor that got a new one with all the chrome he could get. His buddy said he bought a chrome truck and had a little brown paint put on it. sheesh.
I'm personally a fan of chrome. "I'd rather be homeless than chrome less "! Buttttt the "RAM" on the tailgate would have to go.....that's gaudy! It would be debadged and put on my shop wall. Also I agree with accused. Gotta keep the cross hair grill....that's iconic mopar!
Not a fan of the grill or the tailgate. Both look overdone.
I agree. Too much chrome. The grille is overdone and the tailgate basically just says Ram in huge letters which is also not called for. Funny that they try to do luxury and end up doing way too much.
kill that grille with fire, at least with it all black and burnt out it won't look as bad and have more character to it
The front grill and tailgate look like big keychains....Though, I would never buy a truck with all those upgrades no matter the deal. I buy a truck to be a truck and then take care of it like its the last I will ever own. Skid plates and anti-spin mean a **** of a lot more to me than a television screen as a radio and power adjust fart fans for rear comfort.
Im glad I bought a 14, I heard they were changing things. If this is the new exterior design you can have it. I already have to much chrome.
Take it back , and bring back the Dodge !!! Name Surgio bs again over done
I can live with the tailgate gaudiness, but the grill is complete foolishness. WTH are those arrow shapes for? That looks like @ss!
I bought this truck in Silver. I'm taking the truck to the auto body shop. The letters on the back have plastic locating posts that 'locate' off of holes punched in the tailgate sheetmetal. Having them removed, holes welded and repainted. Not sure about that to do regarding the grille. Was hoping to find a '14 grille and hope it's the same mounting....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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