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Chrysler Under Investigation for Handling of Ram Recalls

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The NHTSA is investigating Chrysler for its handling of a pair of recalls that affected Ram pickup trucks.

“We have concerns with the administration and execution of these safety recalls and accordingly have opened an investigation to collect further information from Chrysler about the details of administration and execution of these campaigns and the logic that supports the strategies used,” NHTSA said in a letter to the automaker.
The investigation focuses on Chrysler handling or two recalls which are for Ram pickup trucks that have potential steering issues. The recall affected more than one 1 million Ram pickups.

The steering issue had to do with steering tie rods, which may have been misaligned during assembly or service and could fracture.

Customers have complained that affected owners were told that it may take several months for the replacement parts to become available.

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What years? I would think that information to be relevant...
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