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Clearing Evic Trouble Report

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I had my 1st evic trouble code this weekend just after going thru a carwash. My 3rd (high-mount) brake light bulb got fried as a result of a poor seal of the brake light/cargo light. I replaced the bulb. Now, how do I clear the trouble code indication off the dash display?
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I would disconnect the negitive terminal for safty reasons.... If you are holding the pos, and touch the truck (any part thats grounded) you will get shocked
You are not likely to feel anything at all with 12VDC.
Go hold the pos terminal and then touch the frame of the truck . Report back your findings..
Good catch ED_Lover! Actually, I just used a off the top of my head number for total skin resistance and figured no one would call me out for references.

If mattyj want's to see what a shock really feels like, try touching a spark plug wire while the engine is running. We used to do that for fun...
Yea iv done that on my bike to check the wires...
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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