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Coil suspension

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So there is alot of talk about how much the ecodiesel can haul. Towing is around 9K which is plenty for me. I do not have a CDL and cannot tow above 10K anyhow. But hauling stuff in the back. my truck is 1300LBS. Family of 5 = 530lbs. So i can only haul about 800LBS.

My question is what is the weak point?? We have better towing power than the 5.7L. Even in the 2500. So its not the engine. i thought it was the rear suspension. Can we add better coils? maybe the 2500 ones? or is it the axles? Anyone with good knowledge of this stuff.. \
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I think there is a lot of confusion about what a CDL is and when it applies. In the case of any RAM 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, or 1 ton pickup the GVWR does not meet the threshold to require a CDL. The 10k pound rule people often quote applies to the trailer in the case that the pulling vehicle exceeds the GVWR requirement. It does not mean if you pull a trailer that weighs 10k pounds you need a CDL.
Just noticed your username is ED Lover, which reminds me of this guy:

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I wonder if the next generation nissan titan truck will have this problem as well, hopefully they're aware of it and have it in mind while developing the truck.
I think that your formula for payload needs some explanation, as I don't get it.

My understanding of payload is the following.

GVWR = total permissible weight of vehicle including driver, passengers, vehicle, options including trailer tongue weight.

Curb Weight = weight of vehicle with all fluids and gas. No load or occupants.

Payload = GVWR - Curb Weight - occupants
Thanks for breaking that down. Never knew what GVWR was.
Should also help to clear things up on here.
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