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Coil suspension

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So there is alot of talk about how much the ecodiesel can haul. Towing is around 9K which is plenty for me. I do not have a CDL and cannot tow above 10K anyhow. But hauling stuff in the back. my truck is 1300LBS. Family of 5 = 530lbs. So i can only haul about 800LBS.

My question is what is the weak point?? We have better towing power than the 5.7L. Even in the 2500. So its not the engine. i thought it was the rear suspension. Can we add better coils? maybe the 2500 ones? or is it the axles? Anyone with good knowledge of this stuff.. \
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From the CA DMV for Class C license.
You may tow a:

  • Single vehicle with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs. or less, including a tow dolly, if used.
With a vehicle weighing 4,000 lbs. or more unladen, you may tow a:
  • Trailer coach or 5th-wheel travel trailer under 10,000 lbs. GVWR when towing is not for compensation.
  • 5th-wheel travel trailer exceeding 10,000 lbs. but under 15,000 lbs. GVWR, when towing is not for compensation, and with endorsement.
ok...... Now back to my question.. What is the weak point in these trucks? Why the low haul ratings?? it is the lowest of the big three right??

Payload ratings are not determined by the same standards by different manufacturers. This has been discussed ad nauseam in other forums. The bottom line is that if there isn't a standard by which payload is set, then all bets are off. For example, some specify it without a rear bumper or spare tire, because you can order it that way. And, who knows what else? Advertised payload is manipulated for advertising purposes first and the harsh reality is what the sticker in you door says. Even the payload rating on my window sticker was more than what is stated on my door sticker. Also having a GMC 2500HD with Duramax, we call our RAM 1500 our "little truck" or our "big car". My advice to anyone is to pick the right tool for the job.
Our trucks can take a overload of maybe a 1,000 pounds and shrug it off. Here is why

Payload is curb+passengers - GVCW+towing.

I think our trucks come with 500LB tongue weight limits with our truck (standard hitch?) but that can be added to a payload if not towing just know the bed of the truck is taking that much burden.

I think that your formula for payload needs some explanation, as I don't get it.

My understanding of payload is the following.

GVWR = total permissible weight of vehicle including driver, passengers, vehicle, options including trailer tongue weight.

Curb Weight = weight of vehicle with all fluids and gas. No load or occupants.

Payload = GVWR - Curb Weight - occupants
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