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We need more people like this who are willing to stand up for justice, even if it means putting yourself in harm's way.

Corvette Owner Witnesses Cop Being Shot, Gets In ‘Vette And Chases Suspect | The Truth About Cars

TTAC said:
An Albuquerque Car Wash owner watched in shock as Christopher Chase shot police officer Matthew Hannum in the leg and then stole the officer’s police car. “Seeing an individual like a police officer get shot like we noticed. I mean poor guy got shot and he was hurt. I wanted to do all I can to go there and help him,” said the business owner, who prefers to remain anonymous.

“When he got in the police unit and took off I wasn’t going to let the individual get away especially when no one else was around,” he said.

So the gentleman got into his 2003 Corvette, a C5 with some go-fast parts, called 911 on his cellphone and proceeded to chase the fleeing Chase.

“[The 911 operator] kept on telling me to pull over and stop and this and that. That I’m breaking the law,” he said.

At first it was a low speed chase, no faster than 40 mph, but after Chase stopped in the middle of an intersection to fire off some shots at a nearby police cruiser and then got back into the stolen cop car, the car wash owner says that speeds exceeded 100 miles an hour. He stayed on the suspect’s tail, relaying information to the emergency operator until Albuquerque Police Department officers caught up to them.

“I have family and friends in APD and so I’m not going to allow an individual like that to get away and have those individuals suffer for the rest of their lives,” he said.
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