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Could There Be TWO EcoD's in the House?

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Wife has been trying to find a new SUV she likes. Ford Escape, Subaru, Jeep Cherokee have topped the list. After much looking and test rides, she hates them all.

Today we had to do some shopping and she asked things about my EcoD all the time. She has driven it before and been on many trips inside it. She sees the 25 mpg plus fuel mileage overall and knows it does do 28 mpg or more at times. Now she's working up a yellow model she likes.

You can get good deals, she wants a two-wheel drive, will put fancy black spoke wheels and tires on with a bed cover only. It will not cost much more than a stupid little SUV she has been considering.

I have 18,000 miles on mine right now. It has been good. She likes it. It could happen. No guarantees and it will take order and wait time.

Two in the same garage? No. We have three garages on our property and will keep them apart so they don't fight at night.
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Sounds like fun. Be sure to send in some pictures of your twins if you eventually pull the trigger. That's a big win for Ram. LOL.
Right on.

Some people are oh so afraid to own one. I find that sad. There are a few EcoD's out there with mostly sensor and other electronic problems. It's rare for a real engine issue to surface but of course, there have been a few amoun the hundred thousand or so that have been built.

Darn things sure run nice. I mean, real nice. Fuel mileage of an SUV or better. A ruggedness no SUV can approach.

I have no objection to her having one. She has had trucks before and most always vans or SUV's. She doesn't like to ride in a tiny vehicle.

There is no other 1500 or even the newer "smaller" models priced as attractively with anywhere near the fuel mileage and satisfaction you get from an Ecodiesel.
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Another thing when you finally get to drive a truck, aside from the truck specific things it can do unlike other vehicles, you get a sense of why some people get trucks without doing all the tough things some throw their trucks through.
Remember too that the EcoDiesel is also available in the Grand Cherokee.;)
The problem with the Grand Cherokee is money.

In an Ecodiesel version the cheapest model you can get is one of the high-end ones consting upwards of $40,000. Well that's about the same as the retail of a 1500 Ram Ecodiesel. There is still the problem.

You cannot get any kind of "deal" on the Grand Cherokee. We have tried. We have made offers. The sales staff where I bought my Ram shrugs them off. No rebates available. No incentives. No mark-up. No. No. No.

I got 18% off the MSRP when I bought my Ram. From what we tried and rejected, you were kissing their rears to get say 5%.

Kind of sad but there are Grand and regular Cherokees all over the lots for sale. Just a regular Cherokee does not have anywhere near the "wiggle room" of say a Ford Escape.

If Ram stopped offering those rebates and other incentives the product would be like the Ford F150 and the GM Silverado's. Stupid expensive and out of the question for oh so many. In fact. I think they are stupid expensive as they are right now.
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Good luck to everyone here. I had some interesting reading and hope diesels do well.
The Ram EcoD is outselling the Grand Cherokee 3 to 1 at the present time. The value equation of the Ram is just better than the GC due to cost, capability, etc.

Not sure where production numbers came from in an earlier post. The data we have is about 2 months old and listed about 18,000 GC produced in US and Canada and 20,000 Ram EcoD in US and Canada. The Ram is outselling the GC even if it has been in production half the time.

The Ram is the way to go!
just don't get one with the big RAM on the front and back. man it puts me off they did that
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