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Cummins and RAM

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A bit of a sensitive issue in the diesel community lately, especially for RAM guys...

Cummins and RAM have a 25 year love affair that has seen both push the envelopes of engineering and powertrain design. Together they've moved upwards of 2 Million vehicles, its that potent of a mixture...

Reid Bigland CEO RAM Trucks

“Ram and Cummins are names synonymous with power, quality and durability. We’ve enjoyed a successful relationship and remained leaders in the diesel pickup market for 25 years. The numbers don’t lie. Backed by a Cummins engine, our Ram Heavy Duty is King of the Hill with 30,000 lbs. of towing capacity – three tons more than the closest competitor and our flagship Chassis Cab trucks hit Gross Combined Weight Ratings of up to 37,500 lbs.”
But all is not well if you listen to the peanut gallery. Forums and web articles everywhere have exploded with vitriol at the prospect of Nissan now making use of the Cummins 5.0 in their Titan and the Frontier was shown with a 2.8 Cummins. Add that to the outcry that RAM went with an Italian made diesel from Motori instead of something from Cummins.

So whats the problem? I'm not saying y'all have a problem, but I'm asking what is THE problem people have with Cummins in a Nissan and no Cummins in the 1500? I mean is it sound, is it the badge? It can't be capability as the EcoDiesel is clearly standing its ground in reviews, it even held it own against big brother 2500... Oh and not to mention it WILL pull down 30 MPG...

Its just funny that's all.
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