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Def line (s) location

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Ok, I changed my oil and filter last night and saw white chalky residue on my oil filter housing and in the immediate area. I've spilled def when I filled my tank a couple months ago so I do know it's white and sorta crystal looking. This kinda looked like that but after a while of crawling around under my truck I gave up. Do def lines (from the tank) run near the drivers side of the engine? Any ideas what else could have made the white mess on that side of the engine if it wasn't def? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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Interesting. When I picked up my truck it was full of fuel and def however there was white powder all around the def filler location I guess they spilled some when filling it up.
Hope it was just crap getting thrown up when we had snow last week (possible it could have been road salt I suppose).
Road salt tastes like salt, DEF tastes like burning! ;)

No cartoon "burning".

Why in the world would anyone taste road salt or DEF?

Now don't answer..."to make a comparison".
It was a joke, reminds me of the days when a mechanic (not this one) would taste how sweet you engine coolant was to see if it had enough antifreeze in it.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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