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DEF Pump in Hamilton Ontario

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I was searching for DEF suppliers in Hamilton and I came across these guys that have a pump. I called them and they said they will sell to an individual between 7am and 11pm. No need for a petro-pass. The lady on the phone "guessed" that it's $0.85 per litre. (.85 x 3.78 = $3.21 CDN US Gallon) I'm only into my second tank of fuel so I won't need them for a little while.

Has anyone tried them?

349 Kenora Avenue
Phone : (905) 561 4712
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Zoomie you might be on to something here. Maybe a section donated to geo areas for people to report where they can get DEF in a pump or even a jug. You certainly don't want to buy DEF at the dealership. I asked how much when I bought mine, $23 for 2.5usgal. When I was just below 1/2 I went to Dowler Karn and asked same jug $13.90, bulk 79cents a liter. Anyway would be good to know spots alone major highways like 401. Husky just outside of Windsor has DEF in pump 79cents a liter $2.98 USgal
I've learned to avoid the dealership for anything that can be had elsewhere, no point paying that mark up they add, hence stealership.
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