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Def system nightmare

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Have had my ecodiesel for about six months now. The check engine
light has been on more than off. Kept driving and it disappears from
time to time. Major problem thens comes up with the DEF system.
I take it to dealer and parts are on national back order. Four weeks
later I pick up my truck. Dealer refused a rental. It is not part of the
warranty. Truck lasted for less than two hundred miles. DEF system
again. Take to another dealer. Selling dealer was a nightmare.
Parts are on national backorder again. Can't tell me when I will get
my truck back. No loan vehicle can be authorized. I am pursuing
the lemon law. Worst customer experience ever. Chrysler
is offering very little assistance. First and last Chrysler product ever.
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I'm sorry to hear this. However, if enough people threaten, or invoke, the lemon law, it may get Chrysler's attention.
Im fairly sure that a brand new truck breaking down means you get a rental. As a matter of fact i have not heard of other being refused a loaner or rental. All of my didge cars were able to cover the rental under warranty. Nice first post though.
Welcome to the forum. Are you looking any actual advice or just a place to vent?
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welcome to the boards, it sounds like this is more frustration directed at the dealer than frustration with the product. There seems to be little transparency between your dealer(s) and you...
welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about the problem you're having. There are some other threads related to what you're problem is which you might find to be helpful, search for them and/or discuss further here
Did they say what the issue was with the DEF system? I know I had to wait a few weeks for a new injector. However I was still able to drive the truck.

Not giving you a rental is BS
CEL came on again 9200miles, this time code P20EE
CEL came on again 9200miles, this time code P20EE
What was last time?
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