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Deposits And Down Payments

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What kind of deposits did you guys put down on your Diesel order? I'm looking to put down at least $10K in cash plus whatever I get selling my current truck used/trade in...
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whoops yea, I suppose I should of said Deposts/Down Payments. My dealer only wants $500 to process the order, but yea I was more curious about Down Payments, my mistake. Maybe a mod/admin could change the thread title??
Ahhhh. I'll be putting down roughly $7500 to meet the financing requirement. I might put a little more down if I sell my current truck vs trade in. I'd like to keep my monthly payment around $500 or under.
good show! I was quoted at $380 over 96 at 4.29%. That was with $10K down, I kinda want to bring it back from 96 months or I'm going to get ruined on interest, depending on what I get for my FX4 from either private sale/trade it will get poured back into the down payment.

How many months is your financing over? $500 seems like a good target for a 3 or 4 year finance, might be something for me to consider... hmmm
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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