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Did I get a decent deal

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Crew cab,4x2, ecodiesel, exterior equipment group, popular equipment group, uconnect, backup camera, CD, trailer brake control -- out the door with tax, tag, destination charge for 37K.
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Hello and welcome to the forum! Bottom line is if you are happy with the deal that's all that matters. The crazy thing is there is such a wide spectrum of incentives from all over its tough to compare apples to apples.

Once you own it, what was paid does not matter much. You do not say what model (Tradesman, Big Horn, Outdoorsman etc) and that's a big factor in MSRP.

Since taxes, title, dealer fees and other BS they often add at dealers varies, you can only figure MSRP and your price before all is added to rally have a comparison.

When I bought mine all the incentives and discounts were about 18% off MSRP.
Hello , I recived about 15,000 in discounts on a Lamarie plus i work there ,so you did a good deal
Welcome to the forum.
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