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Did you have your ED last winter?

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I was reading about the active shutters in the grill and I think their main function is for aerodynamics. I wonder if it allows the engine to heat up faster in the cold weather.

I had a diesel jetta and if I started it and let it idle at 0F it would never warm up. I had to drive it to get it up to temp.

Has anyone had the 3.0 ED in cold weather, and how well does it warm up at idle from cold start?
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They weren't available yet in the early part of the year, I believe it was April/May deliveries began. Unless there was an uncharacteristic cold snap we might need to wait until next winter for insight....
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Mine was delivered in early March. I also live on along the south shore of Tampa Bay. Cold here is in the 50's and frigid is low 30's where there's frost at dawn.

Not sure it even did those things this season.

Did communicate with other early Eco. owners up in the frigid north during that time. No issues reported to my knowledge.

Diesels do not warm up well at idle. Doesn't really matter much the outside temperature. They need to run and run hard.
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I remember seeing a video that showed the EcoDiesel going through harsh cold weather testing in Michigan. You could do a search for that and see if it has any info for ya.
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