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Diesel market to double (or triple) by 2020

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I guess us Ecodiesel owners are just ahead of the trend. Analysts are saying that the United States' diesel market may finally be taking off. They say that the market for diesel vehicles may grow from 3 percent of the US market today to between 6 and 9 percent by 2020.

40 new diesel vehicles will enter the US market by 2016. The one thing that could get in the way is fluctuating diesel fuel prices.

The price of diesel fuel often rises or falls for reasons unrelated to the price of standard gasoline, such as last winter when diesel cost nearly $1 more than gasoline in some areas of the U.S. As demand for diesel rises around the world, U.S. oil refineries are investing aggressively to produce more diesel, especially since the fuel recently surpassed gasoline as the most common oil-based fuel.
Diesel Market to Double or Triple by 2020 » AutoGuide.com News
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Well then, I'm ahead of the curve :D
Goggle diesel price futures. Prices are to remain on average about 40 cents difference between gas and diesel through 2015. Not saying they will, just what the futures market is saying.
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