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Diesel Ram 1500 will have Tesla Pickup Truck Competitor in 5 years

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Man of the hour Elon Musk announced yesterday that Tesla Motors will be creating an electric pickup truck. This truck is meant to compete directly with the Ford F-Series and other passenger trucks.

Business Insider reports:
Musk's comments about the truck came after he was asked whether Tesla would ever make a fleet truck for the likes of FedEx or UPS. He said that, yes, Tesla was planning to make a truck, but not a commercial one, because the market opportunity for commercial trucks is much smaller. Musk said the Tesla truck would be modeled on Ford's F-Series in part because of that truck's remarkable popularity.
To take on the F-Series, this Tesla pickup truck will actually have hauling and towing capabilities. On top of that, the Tesla pickup won't have a emissions because it is electric. I think that will battle the Diesel Ram 1500 since a pull for the Ram 1500 has to be its nicer fuel economy numbers.

Do you think an electric truck can do well in the pickup truck market? Will Tesla be able to steal market share from the likes of Ford, Chevy and Ram trucks?

Check out the full article here --> Tesla Pickup Truck - Business Insider
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I don't think they really take any market share away from the real trucks to be honest

The range is so limiting... And repairs are just way too expensive. Most people keep their trucks until they break down. i fear these electric trucks will break down a bit too early.
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