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Diesel V-6 1500 Availability

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I am a newbie to forum. I have been trying to locate a dealership with the Ram 1500 V-6 diesel now. Any information is appreciated?
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the Ram website says availability is early 2014. start asking your dealer when you can place a deposit.
you can order now but you wont be driving home with one.

always best to pre-order one now, i believe they allow refundable deposits.
trying to get one later might be an issue, more of a wait.
Some dealers won't give them out, they'll keep the document to themselves. really depends on the sales person.
You can always go onto the Ram website which shows the truck, just not much on the diesel version.
I live in CA, searched Cars.com and found the one I wanted in CO. Sealed the deal via email and a couple of phone calls. 5 days later I was in CO and driving home in my new ride. LOVE IT, well worth the drive.
Congrats, post up some pictures, that's one thing i think we don't see enough of around here
True, looks like it is time to create a "Show me your truck" thread :)
I support that, time to get one going but i will let someone take over that idea
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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