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Diesel vs Gasoline Myth

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there is a long standing assumption that diesel exhaust is worse for the environment and worse for our health than petrol. But what if that was not quite true?

Its come to light recently that engines using Gasoline Direct Injection technology actually emit more small particles than modern diesel engine. Particulates are the little buggers that cause cancer.

GDI is in everything now as a means to bump power, increase efficiency and lower Co2, but this new study claims that GDI engines crank out 1,000 times more harmful particles than traditional petrol engines and 10 times more than modern diesels.

By law diesels are required to be sold with a particulate filter, but petrol plants currently escape the distinction despite the information.

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I'm pretty sure diesel fumes are more toxic than petro when unfiltered. But of course it depends on the engine. But in general

With filters and converters both of them can be relatively safe (still toxic)
It sure doesnt look as bad as diesels without a filter

It also depends on the car too

I personally drive a gasoline car that has no cat or filter

Straight pipe

it does smell like gasoline yes but it doesnt spit out any fumes

I've seen some tuned diesel trucks spit out some horrid black fumes before when running no filters.

But hey none of that really bothers me.

I'll buy either and run no filter regardless
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I think that one of the reasons why diesels aren't as popular even though they are more efficient and cleaner is that the exhaust they spit out looks dirty. Petrol exhaust doesn't look a dark and has a different smell. Without knowing the background study and just judging by exhaust, sound and smell, I think most people would assume that the petrol is more clean.
that def has some truth to it.

seeing a huge puff of black smoke come out the back isn't helpful.
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