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disappointing dodge

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After all the excitement of buying my new Ram 4x4 eco cummins 4X4diesel, and celebrating that at least initially I am getting 26 mpg-city. I decided to crawl underneath to see what the underside looked like. Disappointment right off the bat. This thing has a thin plastic cover where the inner fender used to be. This thing is so thin you can twist it and bunch it with your hand. I think its more of a membrane. While I am all for making the trucks lighter this is ridiculous especially if you off road. The Dodge boys need to understand that if you "off road", you are actually driving "off the road" over rocks, sticks, dead trees, pieces of metal, etc.
If you drive over something hard or sharp and it gets thrown into your fender well, the item will go thru the membrane, and wipe out a component under the hood. There is no protection what so ever. The question is will this be covered by the warranty? After all, it is (was) a faulty component (the plastic membrane) that caused the failure.
I bought it to replace my noisy 99 cummins 4X4. It came with a metal fender well and a plastic liner to cover the metal. I got a log jammed in the fender well once and had to remove the tire to take it out. It put a lot of scratches on it but it did not give. God help me if I do that now. :crying:
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I wish we had a way to poll people for who is mostly good and problem free and who is mostly wanting a lemon law to help them. My gut is that just a few with problems are speaking up looking for help and lots of people with no issues. I am at 17,500 miles now still problem free in a 4x4 laramie except a minor software bug that was fixed early on.

Exactly! I didn't reply here originally because I found it a ridiculous post. OP's biggest problem with the truck is his perception of the inner fender cover? Really? That's the most important part of the truck and it's perceived ineffectiveness (there actually is not a problem. OP simply feels that it's not thick enough to handle his personal off road driving style). If it's that important to you, I would have thought you'd check it out before you bought the truck.
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