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Dissapointed New Owner

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I am a owner of a 2014 ED Laramie and I have had it now for 3 months and put almost 14K miles on it. Truck has been great for what I use it for. DRIVING and Mileage..... until last Monday when the mysterious smoke started boiling out the back. Turbo is out of it??? That was a week ago today and truck is still in shop, they have to take out the trans to get to the turbo, now there is an intercooler line that is shot as well?? Amazingly enough that part in now on national back order with no ETA also. Do they not make parts for the trucks they sell. I am not the normal truck owner as this is my office on wheels and cannot afford to be down. Might be the first and only ED I own.

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Hi Randoto and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about your issue. I work for an automotive parts supplier, we supply parts to the OEM in this case RAM in quantity to build enough trucks and to build a bank of service parts. The bank is a real balancing act. They need enough to perform repairs but if the bank is too large they will just sit on parts forever and that's a waste of money. We plan for normal wear and tear if we're talking about that kind of part but something like an intercooler line might not have a very large bank. If there is a common issue, then there will be a delay until more can be manufactured.

I'm not trying to say that this is right or wrong, just the way the industry works.

I hope your issue is resolved soon.
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