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Dissapointed New Owner

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I am a owner of a 2014 ED Laramie and I have had it now for 3 months and put almost 14K miles on it. Truck has been great for what I use it for. DRIVING and Mileage..... until last Monday when the mysterious smoke started boiling out the back. Turbo is out of it??? That was a week ago today and truck is still in shop, they have to take out the trans to get to the turbo, now there is an intercooler line that is shot as well?? Amazingly enough that part in now on national back order with no ETA also. Do they not make parts for the trucks they sell. I am not the normal truck owner as this is my office on wheels and cannot afford to be down. Might be the first and only ED I own.

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How does an intercooler fail? It's just some large piping and an air to air radiator between the turbo and the engine air intake. What am I missing?
yes, air to air intercooler. Unless intercooler failure cooked the oil which then popped the turbo?

Don't know, intercoolers are not a common fail IMO...

The intercooler lines are about 2.5" in diameter and made from fairly heavy tubing, so unless smashed closed, shouldn't be a problem. There are some rubber couplers that could get damaged, but wouldn't stop air flow.

Since the turbo is water cooled, I don't understand "cooked the oil which then popped the turbo". The turbo is, in fact, water cooled and oil lubricated. Old style turbos had bushing bearings and were oil cooled. Our turbo has ball bearings with limited oil flow, therefore not a cooling feature.
Before you resort to selling the truck, you should look into invoking the lemon law. Should you prevail, you will most likely come out better financially. Not to mention, sending a message to Chrysler.
A conclusion that I am rapidly coming to is that a lot of these reports are not technically correct. A lot of the problems that we hear about on the forum have been misinterpreted and/or confused. The information is second or third hand by the time we hear it. As an example, non-technical terms such as:

turbo popped
intercooler lines
DPF full of oil
heat sensor
codes (what codes)

And that isn't the fault of the poster, as he us just trying to convey information that one or more techs passed on to the service manager and then to the owner and finally to us.
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