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Dodge Ram custom rims and tires at CARiD

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Recoil and Recoil 2 videos with BJ Baldwin's extreme trophy truck racing filmed by Monster Energy caused great excitement among millions of car and truck enthusiasts around the world. If you enjoyed watching it or simply admire aggressive truck off-road styling, you might want to check the exclusive rims collection by Monster Energy.

The name Monster Energy is not typically associated with aftermarket wheels – but recently the famous energy drink line has partnered up with Twelve Inches Strong (TIS Wheels) and Dropstars to release a limited edition collection of off-road wheels!

Although this partnership is still relatively new, so far it has been received with a lot of excitement and is proving to be rather successful for all of the brands involved in the venture.

These Monster Energy rims are available in various sizes, bolt patterns and offset ranges so it would not be a problem to get a well fitting set for your truck!
+ They have really attractive price tags!

Check the full collection of Monster Energy rims at CARiD by clicking on the banner below:

CARiD wheel experts will guide you through the process of getting the right wheels for your truck, and make sure they fit properly - just contact them at 888.978.3395.

What do you think, which wheel model is the best for your truck?
* Please post your options in the comments below!
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CarID is a valid Premium Supplier to our site, so if you're in the market, go check out their site.
I like some of these rims, but I am surprised that they are all Monster branded. I didn't realize that Monster made rims like this. I just don't think that I'd like to be a rolling Monster Energy drink ad. Would make me feel like I am a step away from being an actual Monster Energy drink truck.

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Yea Ill agree that Monster Energy drinks isn't exactly the brand i have the most identification with.
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