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Ecodiesel programmers

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Anyone have any experience with this programmer from XDP? Are there any programmers for the Eco yet?

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Welcome to the club. That's all pretty new to these trucks and there's a few folks here waiting to see if the performance gains are real.
lol, yeah that's what I was thinking, no info out there yet.
On another 1500 diesel forum there is a post about this programmer. It's by rollinsmoke diesel if I recall. I'm curious myself, but skeptical about add ons. I can just see the codes getting thrown all the time and then some knucklehead on here complaining how his ed is nothing but trouble and is throwing cels all the time. I'm personally interested in the add on gauges like the edge insight cts. It doesn't change any settings just gives you more info as to what's going on.
I've heard that most of the cold air pipes/filters do nothing but allow more dirt & grit into the engine & most of the tuners barely increase HP by 5HP. I'm real skeptical of any gains whatsoever. Same goes for exhaust upgrades. With a DPF, nothing after that makes any difference at all (except a tiny little louder).
Do know one of the "old-time" members of an EcoD forum had an early model tuner from Germany. He blew the turbo. I mean tore that thing apart.

Was able to "hide" the electronic image of that tuner from the dealer and had the turbo replace. In the end, he got rid of the truck. Think he's back to a Cummins.

There may be a price to pay for trying to make the "little engine that could".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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