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Ecodiesel questions

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I am in the market for a new truck and have been leaning towards an ecodiesel. But I know nothing about the engine, such as how many miles can the engine can hold up to, is the truck going to hold its value 5 years down the road, and just if its worth spending more money for the ecodiesel or if its better to just get a hemi. I am needing a truck reliable truck since I took a job away from home and am going to be putting a good amount of miles on the truck. any advise would be greatly appreciated
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Hi Eric I owned three Hemi's 2005,2008, & 2013 Sport Ram and I liked them all.Each had some problems but
I don't think any Make of truck goes without some issues

That being said I purchased a 2015 Ram EcoDiesel September last year and I haven't had any issues and love it!
The pulling power with great gas mileage that you can get with these Trucks is something else

I use to average 15-17 mpg and now looking at 27-30 mpg depending on who is driving me or my wife Lol
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