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ED Motor issue

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2014 1500 Ram ED 4x2 Laramie, build date of May 2014. 1 oil change at 10k performed by dealer. All recalls taken care of immediately by the dealer.

Just shy of 20K miles and 3 weeks ago, leaving a client there was a loss of power, severe shaking, and a loud clicking/knocking sound changing in sound the faster I went. No warning lights and all the gauges were normal.
I pull over shut it off and turn it back on, the problem was still there. I was 50 miles away from my home Dealer, (living in LA 50 miles is about 2 hours away in heavy traffic). I googled the closest dealer and found it was 4 miles away. After limping my way to that dealer I told them the problem and they hooked it up to the computer and told me that injector #3 is not working. So, I get it towed to my home dealer, explained to the service manager the problem and he told me that an ED has never come in with that problem.

SUPER!! Stump the dealer!!!

Week 1, they told me that injector #3 needed to be replaced but they were back-ordered but found one at another dealer and it would take a couple of days to get. Then, they didn't order the injector sleeve/boot to go with it so we had to wait for that to come in.

Week 2, they told me that when they installed the new injector and hooked it up to the computer and charged the system the computer told them that injector #4 was below nominal pressure and it needed to be replaced. Parts still back-ordered but found one at another dealer and was able to get it.

Week 3, they told me that after installing new injector and hooking it up to the computer the pressures were not right and it was clicking/knocking loud like a misfire. They called corporate service and begin to diagnose the problem further and they decided the next course of action is to replace the cylinder heads... This is where I am at.

Has anyone out there ever had or heard of this issue with the ED?
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