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Educate me please

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Ordered a Tradesman/Express this morning. What's the difference between this model and a plain Tradesman? Didn't think to ask the salesperson. Did test drive a Big Horn and it was very nice. Also coming from a G56 manual shift I'm a bit confused with the - + shifter buttons on the steering wheel. Anyone care to enlighten me as to the operation of these buttons? Do I have to use them to get into 8th gear? Or are they there for ease of down shifting to bring RPMs up? Thanks.

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You gonna soon be happier. Sounds nice but I don't know what the "Express" means.

Those shifter buttons are as you surmise. They are for downshifting. Used mine for the first time towing my toy hauler and going down some steep mountains in North Carolina. They work.

Never tried to upshift with them. Just ease off the throttle for upshifts. Might try that and see if it works. Not a fan of all the computer/buttons. I came off 54 years of manual transmissions. Just the whole idea of an automatic has not been a pleasant experience for me.
Maybe my confusion is that 2014 literature shows seperate models, my order documents for 2015 show Tradesman/Express. Also I'll tow 5,000 lbs so I assume I'll use the "Tow/Haul" button whenever I'm under load? Would make sense, no?

I really wish it would let you select a gear and hold it. I tow a lot and wish I could make it go into 7th or 8th when it is holding at 6th and raising it up does no good. The tranny does what it wants
This will be a stupid question, but here goes. How do you know what gear you are in, if it changes. I know if I hit the - it shows on the dash. I tow at least once a week and have never seen it change on the dash. So is it that I haven't used it on a big enough hill to have it change gears?
the only way i know to see what gear you are in is to hit the - gear which will change D into whatever number gear the truck is actually in. Then you hit +++ until you see 8 appear. From there it will show you every gear you are in 1-8 next to the number 8 on the right that you just chose. You will have to do this everytime you start the vehicle or after exiting the drive seat
10 min of playing and you will figure it out
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