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Engine Block Heater

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I'm going to order a new 2016 today, my question is does the motor come with an engine block heater installed or do I have to get to cold weather group to get the heater? I know ford installs the heater, you just have to buy the wire harness.
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I just picked up my 2016 Outdoorsman, and it came with the heater. But I do believe it is an option. It may have been included in the Outdoorsman package group, I really did not check on this. But otherwise you better make sure to add it if it is something you want.

Also, it came with a grill cover for really cold weather.
Also, I was shocked I did not get the NAV on my truck when I picked it up. I've done dozens of builds and nowhere did I see this as an option. You think it has the large 8.4 display with all the options, but it was not there. Fortunately the dealer said they can add it by flashing the unit, but at a cost. It's like ordering a truck and you pick it up and there is no AC? What the $%&#^%
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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