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Engine Oil

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Was going to do the first oil change yesterday, but problem was I could not find the rated oil anywhere!

Specs are ACEA C3 5W-30 that meets Chrysler materials spec MS-11106


Pennzoil Ultra Euro L Full Syn.

The closest I could find is Ultra Platinum Euro L however, it is for gasoline engines, and neither has the ACEA C3 rating nor MS-11106 rating. Further exploration on the Pennzoil website did not show such oil as described in the manual exists.

This is the only oil that I could locate meeting the specs:
Mobil 1™ ESP Formula 5W-30
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OK, I will give them a try, only problem is they are a little bit out of the way. Suffice to say they are also located in areas that I like to frequent the least.
Thanks, for the link and for the Napa #s.

I was reading the review, one guy noted the oil sent to him was 3 years old and the detergents separated from the oil. He said it's okay of you shake the bottle to remix. That doesn't instill confidence in me being the oil is that old.
I bought some and it had a 4/2014 date.
That's great news.

What I dont get why is why this oil not shown on Pennzoil's website?
Only bought a quart at Pep Boys to "top it off" if needed. Stupid expensive.

Dealer is giving me 4 free oil changes. Glad I don't need to buy the stuff for a while.
Dealer is giving us free oil changes as well, but at the scheduled intervals. I would like to change it out withing the first 5000 miles then have them perform the service at 10,000 miles. The other issue is that the dealer we purchased from is up in Ft Lauderdale, about 1 hour drive to our north.
anyone check what it would cost to walk into the parts department and order a jug?
The darn oil filter was over $50 at my neighborhood stealership, I'm sure they will charge a premium on the oil. In fact, the more I think about it, I dont want the dealership to perform the change since the guys that perform the basic services are not up to speed on these trucks. I would bet on them pouring regular dollar a quart 5W-30 oil.

Question for those who already changed the oil and filter: When you unscrew the canister that holds the filter, I assume that the oil drains out of the canister when you shut off the engine and does not spill all over the place when you unscrew it, is this the case?
How many quarts does it take for a regular oil change?
8 quarts or 2 gallons according to the manual.
Thanks, good to know.

If the oil has more than 3-4 thousand miles on it I change it before a tow/haul long trip.
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