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Engine Oil

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Was going to do the first oil change yesterday, but problem was I could not find the rated oil anywhere!

Specs are ACEA C3 5W-30 that meets Chrysler materials spec MS-11106


Pennzoil Ultra Euro L Full Syn.

The closest I could find is Ultra Platinum Euro L however, it is for gasoline engines, and neither has the ACEA C3 rating nor MS-11106 rating. Further exploration on the Pennzoil website did not show such oil as described in the manual exists.

This is the only oil that I could locate meeting the specs:
Mobil 1™ ESP Formula 5W-30
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Pep Boys carries Mobil 1 ESP. I bought some there.
Only bought a quart at Pep Boys to "top it off" if needed. Stupid expensive.

Dealer is giving me 4 free oil changes. Glad I don't need to buy the stuff for a while.
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I'm going to go about 8K. 5K now. Planning on making a 2K towing run on the old oil next week. Still looks normally black with little consumption.
Think it's 10 qts. in realville.

FYI. Checked oil today before a couple thousand mile towing trip. 5K on the truck and NO oil consumption from new.

I'm not going to change it until I return.
That's a good thing to see. Knew it but never saw it in print, at least that I can remember.

Checked up a bit. It's marketed by Champion as "Syn Gold". Checked availability and places like Auto Everything and O'Reillys have it. Price...

... appx. $12/qt. plus tax, shipping and recappable tire. Certainly not a cost option.
Pennzoil ULTRA Euro 5-30 is about $6 a quart. Only one issue:

® EURO L FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL 5W-30 with Hyper Cleansing Technology TM is suitable

for fuel-injected gasoline engines fitted with 'blow-by' recirculation and catalytic converters operating in extreme driving​
conditions. Also suitable for turbo-charged and inter-cooled direct injection high performance diesel engines fitted with​
'blow-by' recirculation and exhaust gas recirculation without particulate filters.

Took that right from the Pennzoil site. Bold, large and underlines was by me.
Interesting. One contradicts the other.

Did not pick up that other evaluation. Also did not find a listing showing ACEA C3 or MS11106 ratings.
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