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Was going to do the first oil change yesterday, but problem was I could not find the rated oil anywhere!

Specs are ACEA C3 5W-30 that meets Chrysler materials spec MS-11106


Pennzoil Ultra Euro L Full Syn.

The closest I could find is Ultra Platinum Euro L however, it is for gasoline engines, and neither has the ACEA C3 rating nor MS-11106 rating. Further exploration on the Pennzoil website did not show such oil as described in the manual exists.

This is the only oil that I could locate meeting the specs:
Mobil 1™ ESP Formula 5W-30
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You guys are paying too much. Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro meets both the ACEA C3 and Chrysler MS-11106 requirements and it's available from Petroleum Service Company in 5W-30 for $58 a case (less than $5 a quart).
Anyone have any experience with this Kendall? It is about half the price of the Pennzoil and claims to meet ACEA-C3 and MS-11106. Sounds too good to be true. So what am I missing?
I just got an email from Amsoil saying they will start selling EcoDiesel compatible oil by the quart and gallon in January. It looks like their Synthetic 5W-30 I-ESP Euro Oil will be or already is compatible even though it doesn't list it as such on their website yet.

Euro L

I get the Platinum Euro L from Dodge for $6 per qt. Filter $29.
Tell them you want a family price!
I've been reading these ports and I believe my dealership uses Shell Rotella. I am either going to switch to AMSOIL after this change or even switch to LiquiMoly. Thoughts? have run AMS in my other Diesels and LuquiMoly in my German cars for years.
Is anyone running the Castrol Edge 5w30 C3? It claims to meet the ACEA C3 standards according to the Product Data Sheet:

Main reason I'm asking is I can likely get this Oil included as part of a sponsorship.
I use Mobil Delvac 1 ESP, 5w-40 full synthetic in my 2006 Ford F350 6.0 diesel. Since it also meets Chrysler's specs I will using it in my new 2016 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel.

Pep Boys discounts it at 1 gal @ 17.99 = 4.86 qt and sometimes Mobil offers a rebate.
Personally I would put Mobil 1 in my worst enemies' car or truck but go right ahead as long as it meets the requirement.
The last time I tried Mobil 1 it didn't last more than 2 days before it crapped out and turned jet black. I changed the oil and filter again and it did the same thing within 2 days. I drained the oil again and put in a different synthetic with a new filter and man there was world of difference in cold starts. She would crank right over and start lubricating immediately. The Mobil 1 would barely crank over and didn't flow hardly at all. Never again, NOT even if the engine Manufacture calls for it.
I was in same boat, couldn't find oil in any parts stores in my area, could find online, but didn't want to pay for the shipping. I broke down and went to local dealer, went to the parts department, only to be told "we don't sell that oil". So I asked what the shop used when they changed the oil, was told they use the Rotella T6 5w-40. I said everything in my owners manual and truck says to use 5w-30 with these specs...parts printed out what their system says to use, which isn't what was listed in the book. It was 5w-40 with totally different spec requirements. I know that the difference between 5w-30 and 5w-40 isn't that big of a deal, but since I plan on keeping this truck for a long time, I wanted to use what the manufacturer said to. Anyway, $200 later at the dealership (oil, rotate, fill of DEF), and I have determined I will use what they did and do myself for much less. My neighbor has same truck, went to different dealer, and they told him there was a "flash" that updated the required type of oil. Anyone hear of this?
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same experience
talked to the trusted local mechanic he found the Rotella T6 5w-40 was the best! he would not talk of using any other oil. he will be changing the oil out in a cuple weeks. he was going to be looking into a aftermarket oil filter to also use.
This information may already be out there but I was running into the same situation with price and oil weight and the awfully expensive filter but Chrysler offers a anytime service contract that was 320 for 3 oil changes and tire rotation. If you have the money you could buy a 6 year one that would cost you 72 dollars an oil change. Intilnthe filters come down in price I will let them do it. The service contract is nationally excepted. Sorry I f this information has already been posted..
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