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Espar Heaters

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Does anyone have any experience with these;

Eberspaecher - Automotive Heaters, Engine Heaters

Both Webasto and Espar make this sort of thing. Seems like a useful idea come January.
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I have had them in two tug boats that I run in cold weather. Work okay, beats freezing.
Imagine they would ( beat freezing )>:)


How long does it take to get engine
coolant up to temp?

I ask, because I know a lot of diesel owners and they
all complain that diesels take a while to warm up in
the winter.

I'm thinking that one of these things warming up the
coolant for say 5 minutes would get the engine going
regardless of how cold it is. Run one of these things
for say 5 minutes after engine startup, and the cab should
be pretty warm after that... :)

At least that's what I'd hope...
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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