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Exhaust leak

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This issue may have been already posted but I have not run across it here. I began getting a slight odor of exhaust fumes in the cab when coming to a stop with the AC set to take in outside air. I lifted the hood with the engine idling and noted the exhaust fume odor was strongest at the rear of the engine on the passenger side. Crawled under the truck to investigate. No line of sight with the turbocharger from the top. Noticed a small amount of soot a the expansion bellows near where the exhaust bolts up to the turbo. Brought it in to the dealership and this was the location of the leak. This is a common issue with the ED. Dealer ordered replacement parts with a lead time of at least 3 weeks. Chrysler would not allow us to have the truck while waiting for the part to arrive. They put us in a rental at no charge. They pulled the leaking pipe and had a muffler shop weld it up enabling us to drive it back home. So far so good with no exhaust odor detected in the cab or under the hood. I don't expect the repair to hold out very long though. This is a design flaw and will likely require a recall in my opinion. I am happy with my dealer having the temporary repair made. I didn't ask for this. It was their idea and I appreciate it.
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