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FCA Reduces Powertrain Warranty, Diesels not Included

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Automotive News was the first to break the story, FCA will be cutting powertrain warranties on all RAM, Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler vehicles from 100,000 to 60,000 miles.

Interestingly FIAT's, Alfa Romeo's and all diesel products will not be affected. Which is interestingly in its own way. One could logically come to the conclusion that everything unaffected is where FCA plans to focus their energy moving forward. It's known that Sergio wants a stronger FIAT presence in the US to go along with his grandoise dreams of Alfa becoming an Italian style BMW. The really interesting one is diesel...

I'm wondering if there may be a two pronged strategy at work. 1) FCA knows their reputation is horrid in the US (that would explain AR and FIAT warranties as well), Motori being a new engine supplier to the RAM brand in particular is an unknown quantity vs Cummins. Which transitions into point 2) RAM is currently hauling the mail for FCA and they know they can't afford any down tick in sales from RAM. Especially when you consider that EcoDiesel RAMS are spending less than 2 weeks on dealer lots, while HEMI's are closer to 100 days on lots.
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Crazy. Other companies are extending warranty and FC does this..........
In Canada I got 100,000 kms (60,000 miles) on the power train and 60,000 kms (37,000 miles) for the rest of the truck. I was able to purchase for $1800 an extended warranty that brought the rest of the truck up to in line with the engine.
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