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Fender Flares & Side Moldings

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I guess Dodge figured that a Tradesman Regular Cab was too cheap to put fender flares or side moldings on, so they didn't. Fender flares are not a problem as there are plenty of aftermarket ones out there; expensive though. I'm considering genuine Mopar flares at $376 a set... ouch.

The big problem is that I can't seem to find any body side moldings that are 3 pieces per side. My '01 GMC has chrome moldings almost to the rear fender well and that's what I would like for the RAM. I haven't had any luck finding them and hope that someone here can help.
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Interesting.... Bushwacker OE style run about $463 a set. However Mopar lists OE for $376. Why would I op for Bushwackers?
OK, it looks like I'm going to get Lund SX204T flares. This site has a good view of them. No Drill Truck Fender Flares by Lund OEM Style

There are two finishes, smooth for paint and textured black. I'll be getting the textured, as that's what I have on my GMC and I like that.

Here's the kicker. I have found the same part number ranging from $297 to $549 per set! Needless to say, it would pay to shop for any accessories. Just checked again on ebay and found them for $292.99 including shipping and no tax. That's almost down to what they are really worth...
Here are some better pictures that can be clicked to full screen.

Lund SX204T Street Style Fender Flare Set 1500 Pickup 1500 RAM 1500 Pickup | eBay

After looking at them up close, they are OK, except that the ends don't wrap under the truck and are somewhat truncated. I wish that I could see them in person before jumping...
I am buying for fender protection only. I'm also trying to find body side moldings that extend to the front of the rear wheel. Mopar side moldings only cover the door on the regular cab. I wish that the manufacturers would but body armor the sides of utility and off road vehicles. I guess some do....
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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