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Fifth wheel? Air suspension?

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Somebody tell me, it´s impossible to install a fifth wheel in ram 1500 ecodiesel with air suspension?

Il it really,?
And do you suggest me to choose this option.

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im sure it is possible. If you look at the bed, it has a spot where the "rails" in the bed flatten out. Although im sure any fifth wheel will be too heavey for the truck. remember in the best config, you have about 8K LBS you can tow. others have done 10K for the truck reviews and all. but arnt most fifth wheels like in the teens?
Is this fifth wheel just an extra one that you put in the bed?

I'm sure something will be available soon. FYI I've seen Toyota tacomas with fifth wheel hitchs and pulling pretty nice trailers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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