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My DEF tank was way below the 1/4 mark and almost in the red so I figured I'd make my 1st trip ever to a truck stop. DEF was $2.89/gal so it was worth the trip (sort of). It took 5.5 gal so I'm not sure if we have a 10 gallon tank like I was told or if the gauge just setup that way? I'm 100% full now though once I figured out the process to fill up with DEF. I felt a bit odd putting in $15 worth of DEF when the tractors are pumping 100 gal plus in their rigs, but no one said anything so I'm happy. It'll be interesting to see how much we get from a gallon of DEF.
I got 26.6 (manual measure compared to 26.3 on EVIC) on my second tank and I'm running 24.7mpg since I rolled of the lot.
I also gave my 15 yr old son some driving lessons tonight and he loves driving the Eco. His comment was it's a lot easier to drive than he thought it would be.
All in all it was a great 1st week of ownership.
Pretty soon I'll be taking care of some appearance issues I have with the Eco!
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