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First breakin oil change

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Just got my eco diesel big horn tuesday last week. Have close to 500 miles oil looks gray and dirty . Do they expect us to leave this oil in the engine till 10000 miles i think its crazy what are you all thinking should the first oil change happen. I will be calling dealer tomorrow and see what they say.
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welcome up! Man 500 mi is hugely premature. I'd wait until at least 3000 if your really antsy about it...
500 miles seems pretty early to me. I think that you should just follow what the owner's manual tells you. Doesn't it say 10,000 miles or something? Anybody know what the manual says?

Are you experiencing any problems, or do you just think that the oil doesn't look that great visually?
All my diesel engines , including this Ecodiesel (4th) dirtied their oil quickly. Not an issue. Remember, it's not a gasser.

I'm at about 4,000 miles on my Eco and just watching it. No plans to change until somewhere in the 8,000 range first time.
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