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First Trip in my new 1500ECO

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I 1bought my new 2014 eco diesel RAM form Quirk auto in Belfast Maine in November. I bought it because my 2010 2500 Cummins needed about $1000 of service had 155000 miles on it and besides I wanted it.

We had just traveled from Phoenix,AZ to Belfast Maine in the 2500 a week before I bought the new truck. The mileage is about 3000 miles total and we have made the trip several times in the past in the 2500. I have always been happy with the road performance of the 2500 Cummins. It goes very well on the highway but the ride is rough and the MPG is not great. We average around 17-18 MPG for the trip. I should mention it is all interstate, we use the cruise control and go 5 MPH over the speed limit. This means for almost two days west of the Mississippi we are going 80MPH or slightly over 2000RPM in the 2500 Cummins. Not the best for mileage!

Anyway, early in December we went from Belfast,Me back to Phoenix,Az in the 1500 RAM. In a nutshell it was a great trip. Much better ride than the 2500 and fuel mileage was 25.5 MPG at the end of the trip(2940 miles total) on a truck with less than 4000 miles total.
I think the MPG could have been better if we had traveled at the speed limit or slightly below when the speed limit rose to 75 out west but we continued to drive the same as before - cruise control and 5 MPH over on the interstate.
It was also a good example of different road conditions. We had headwinds at time, hills in several states and flatland out west.
I found that when traveling at 70-80 MPH the RPM was 1800-2200 and below 2000 the fuel mileage was great and went down above 2000 RPM.
The transmission worked very well - smooth and very limited downshifts in the hills. One thing I have always liked about diesels is the torque levels at low RPM's. Compared to gas engines there is very little gear changes due to hills. Even though the torque of the ECO is about half of the Cummins it is still more than enough.

Overall I have no real complaints just a couple of small issues with the Uconnect 8A system. First the older systems had the phone button by the display so the passenger could make a call really easy - now it is on the steering wheel. My apple Itouch ipod does not work right but the Ipod nano is fine. (apparently the itouch problem is a known issue and won't be fixed).
I bought one month of wireless service just to try it out. It did work ok most of the time but I would have liked to have had a 4G connection instead of 3g. I think a smartphone or tablet is a better nav solution than the one they sell in cars today but without a solid wireless connection they don't work as efficiently.

I also don't like the DEF business but I guess it is a now standard for diesels. I used 2.5 gallons of the stuff on the trip.

I know I have rambled a bit and it is a little long but I hope this info is useful to some one.
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Good post! Thanks! . Also your def consumption sounds about right. Roughly 1000 miles to a gallon. That's what I'm seeing.
Great post!!!! You say rambling? That was to the point info!!!! Thanks
Your performance/mileage is consistent with what I'm seeing on my Laramie 4x4. I'm seeing optimum fuel mileage (consistently 28.5 mpg) at ~60 mph. At 75-80 mph I'll drop to 24-25 mpg. Interestingly (or not), there is little to no impact to fuel mileage when driving in mountainous terrain. Made a 400 mile round-trip from home to Durango, CO yesterday and--yet again--had 28.5 mpg (calculated; EVIC came in a bit low at 27.2). Used the auto-4WD for a portion of this trip due to snow-packed roads with apparently little or no impact to mileage. Now have 15,000 miles and still quite happy with the truck. Biggest problem is with dealer responsiveness (e.g., letting me know when parts have arrived, etc.).
Good post. Same experience I have with mine compared to my old Cummins 2500.

This truck goes so much faster with ease I had to buy a new radar detector.
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