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Follow-up: Dealer-issued oil/filter change coupon not honored

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Posted a thread couple weeks ago about the dealer not honoring a dealer-issued coupon for oil/filter change for $59.95. I sent a note to Customer Care expressing my displeasure and noted that a history of problems with the service department at my local Ford dealer (along with a number of good reasons) motivated me to look for something other than a Ford truck for the first time since 1988.

I'm pleased to note that the Customer Care center followed up on my concern. After several e-mail exchanges to get more information, I was called by a Customer Care representative who explained that the dealer-issued coupon was misprinted and it could not be honored. Additionally, Chrysler/Ram offered me two free oil and filter changes (the "credits" will be associated with my VIN number). I neither asked for, nor did I expect, any compensation--I just wanted to express my irritation regarding the coupon issue.

In closing, kudos to Chrysler/Ram for their follow-up and interest in customer satisfaction. That said, I still don't know why the dealer would not honor the coupon (certainly less expensive than 2 free oil/filter changes!). Hopefully my future experiences with the dealer's service department will be favorable.
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That make me wonder how that would have went down at a different dealership.
On the plus side, at least they offered you free service, which is definitely better than nothing.
My dealer offers 4 free oil changes on every new truck. I tried to confirm this is with the ECO also and they said yes but I have yet to take it in for the 1st service. I am hoping I don't have issues. If its a good offer that is like another $800 off the price I paid for the truck
Going in for my first freebie tues. When I called for the appointment the service manager was awed that his computer threw up a charge of $161 but quickly confirmed it would be no charge. Sounded like this is going to be his first. Wish me luck!! I think these 4 free oil changes only applied to purchases in the southeast for some reason.
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