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Follow-up: Failure to Honor Dealer-Issued Coupon

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Some of you might remember my post from a couple of months ago in which I received a dealer-issued coupon for diesel oil/filter service for $59.95. The dealer refused to honor the coupon with the excuse it was misprinted. I contacted Chrysler customer service. They were sympathetic and provided me two free oil/filter changes for my troubles (unexpected but graciously accepted).

Last week I received the same set of dealer-issued coupons, including diesel oil/filter change for $59.95. Hmmmm… On following up, I was told the coupon is good only for the Cummins diesel because it is not valid for synthetic oil. Interesting. The coupon was sent to me, references my Ram 1500, and includes the VIN.

Fortunately, still love my truck (13K miles). Unfortunately, I will now have to drive 100 miles to find a dealer I can trust instead of the 45 miles to the dealer from which I bought the truck.


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Sell those coupons on craigs list then just buy your own oil change.
Now that is something i would support doing.
It might even make for an opportunity to spend a bit more on better stuff for doing an oil change :D
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