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Front receiver hitch for Ecodiesel w/air-suspension

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NuBee here :)

Hello folks. Great forum.

My first post is a question about the addition of a front mounted 2" receiver hitch to a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel with air-suspension. From time-to-time I want to use my small hitch-mounted 9000 lb. winch on the front of the truck.

Who makes a compatible front bolt-on for this puppy?

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Thanks everyone for helping out here. Unfortunately these reseller web sites don't give all the info needed. The problem I'm running into is the 2015/ecodiesel/air-suspension combo.

I didn't think of this as an uncommon application since having an easy-to-remove winch that can also fit other front hitch equipped vehicles works well.

Draw-Tite: I talked with the local Draw-Tite dealer who had to call the factory and was told theirs does NOT fit this combo...maybe in the future but for now only 2500+

Curt's website doesn't like it either...only allows 2500 models.

HiddenHitch says that theirs will NOT work on Ecodiesel and/or air-suspension, just "regular 1500's"

Reese also says that theirs will NOT work on Ecodiesel and/or air-suspension, just "regular 1500's".

So does anybody have any other ideas?

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Clueless here...don't know why. Take a look at Draw-Tite's website, enter 2014 Dodge Ram 1500, all models, and see what ya get.

(2015 year only allows 2500's)

To the forum,

If anyone manages to install one of these front-mounted receiver hitch kits on a 1500 Ecodiesel with air-suspension please let the rest of us know. Be specific with make/model of the kit and any installation observations you might have such as retaining of factory tow hooks, fishing bolts through the frame, interference issues, hitch height above ground, etc.

Thanks in advance,

1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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