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Front receiver hitch for Ecodiesel w/air-suspension

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NuBee here :)

Hello folks. Great forum.

My first post is a question about the addition of a front mounted 2" receiver hitch to a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel with air-suspension. From time-to-time I want to use my small hitch-mounted 9000 lb. winch on the front of the truck.

Who makes a compatible front bolt-on for this puppy?

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Just an educated guess here, but my best bet would be the case of the diesel's upgraded cooling system. The front clip could be relatively redesigned to accommodate the diesel.

Second guess is that even a front mounted hitch needs to be rated at a said capacity. Well coil springs on a front end of standard 1500 is relatively simple to establish capacity. But the air suspension is relatively new and I'm sure the companies for liability purposes have to say that it is not compatible as the new front air shocks are not rated to handle said tongue weight with the addition of the addition diesel engine weight.

So it could be as simple as being untested or it could be that the front air suspension is only equipped to handle weight distribution of the diesel engine and passenger capacity. Leaving the payload and hauling to the significantly better equipped rear air system.

Again this is just an educated guess as to why the companies are saying it is incompatible. Which of the cases may be true is unknown to me. If any.

Hope it helps for anyone that finds themselves attempting an install though.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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