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fuel and electronic throttle control problem! HELP!!

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Hi everyone, Now i have had my 2014 ecodiesel for about 2 1/2 years and up until last week have had absolutely no problems with the truck at all. i left to go to work and was going to stop and put diesel in since i was at a lil bit more than a 1/4 tank. but as i turned the corner went to push the accelerator pedal down and my truck flashed the service etc light and then my check engine light came on. I called my husband and told him what was happening he got there and after a couple of tries the truck started and we took it to the gas station and put in diesel then home. The next day the truck started perfectly fine and so i took it to autozone and had a code reader done to it. It kept coming back to the fuel system to either change the filter or the pump or the injector. So we started with the fuel filter. after changing it, the truck ran great like nothing happened. A few days later i came home from a 12 night shift at the hospital got the kids ready for their soccer games and when trying to start truck it didn't wanna start. After a lil while of waiting it started and then was ready to drive again. But then it happened again and now I am afraid to move it. I called the dealer and talked to service department they said that it could very well be the fuel pump and to bring it in but i would have to wait 2 weeks before they even touched it. What do you guys think??? Anyone have any solutions or same problem?
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How is your coolant level? Had this happen a month ago trucks still in the shop. It was an internal crack in the EGR cool. Good news it's under recall, bad news no parts available. Been driving a rental jeep and want my truck back. Hope that helps
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