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Fuel Mileage Towing Test

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Pulled my little toy hauler just over 50 miles. I'm used to a Cummins. This little Eco showed me it's not a Cummins. Thing does pull but the lighter truck requires weight distribution bars. Towed without them first and it moved around. Timbren bumper stops worked on keeping the truck pretty level. Bars kept it both level and stable.

The skinny is only 11.5 mpg. I did run 65 and one time had to pass an 18 wheeler doing 60. The little Eco could, taking me to 80 mpg. Tow haul-mode worked best but the rpm's sure are higher than I like as it holds lower gears.

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Howdy Shaker,

Left the other forum. Always called my boats, 10%More. Use that name on a shooting forum. Use CaptainMal on a fishing forum. Both kind of interchangeable.

Oh - left that other forum. Too liberal for this old patriot.

This trailer is NOT real heavy. It does GVR at 7,000 lbs . For this tow it was empty. Probably little more than 5,000 lbs. Maybe less.

Think the problem was twofold. I went too fast. the wind blew a bit and there was a feeling of lugging when taken out of tow-haul. Then this trailer is high. That's kind of like pulling an open parachute down the road.

I have to tow a motorcycle right now. That trailer is light, the bike is a heavy Harley but the big deal is wind resistance. Most trailers without a high profile have little resistance and can be towed easily with good fuel mileage.

I fail on that end.
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Accused... That is one "bad" rig. Don't turn too fast or it might not look so good.

Actually thinking about a wing. Towed today but no wind resistance. No issues. Planning on a couple thousand miles in another week or so. That will really tell me if I both have a problem and how I might deal with it.

Panther Dash...

I did not introduce that term but got that impression. Just like that bumper sticker on the back of my toy hauler gets some people hostile. Those people get on forums. My experience with them is they take everything personal and have little to no sense of humor.

I get feedback from them and I do not want to get into any kind of political, gun-control, abortion, gay rights etc. discussion. These forums facilitate the sharing of information on the topic - here it's Ecodiesel pickups.

That sticker on my trailer and some on my truck, like the "Discourage inbreeding, ban country music" sticker on my old truck would really get into people. I have a sticker on my new Ram Ecodiesel. I will not comment and had trouble showing off the ARE cap on another post here.

You want an answer...What if I showed this?
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You're gonna get us both thrown off of here.


It's individual letters on one sheet so it's a "one time shot" getting it on right. Once you start there's no stopping to adjust.
This toy hauler is a Coachman Blast. Third toy hauler I have owned since 2008.

First one was a Weekend Warrior. Just a year old, I liked it until the side blew off crossing Texas. Then it got worse. Two-years old and the entire front rotted out with water leaks. Not fixable easily, though I spent thousands trying. Company went out of business.

Next was a great Forest River Work and Play. 30 ft. of house but too long and difficult to park and deal with. Towed it across the country twice. Loved it parked. Hated it towing but it towed easily behind my 1/2 ton Cummins.

Another loss and found this one. Literally everything is good. Wife thinks it's too small inside for a quick stop-over. We have to take at least one motorcycle out to sleep. She wants a bigger one right now. I like this one.
What you have is a "poor man's" toy hauler. Friend from Pa. has the same that he rigged with fold-down bunks. He made it as nice as is reasonable. It's hideous.

My wife would not even think about setting foot into it, let alone sleeping there. She likes the shower, hair dryer, TV, microwave for popcorn, heater, air conditioner, comfy bed, fridge/freezer and pooper.

If I don't provide that, it's the "pooper" for me.
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