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Fuel Mileage Towing Test

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Pulled my little toy hauler just over 50 miles. I'm used to a Cummins. This little Eco showed me it's not a Cummins. Thing does pull but the lighter truck requires weight distribution bars. Towed without them first and it moved around. Timbren bumper stops worked on keeping the truck pretty level. Bars kept it both level and stable.

The skinny is only 11.5 mpg. I did run 65 and one time had to pass an 18 wheeler doing 60. The little Eco could, taking me to 80 mpg. Tow haul-mode worked best but the rpm's sure are higher than I like as it holds lower gears.

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Welcome up! I thought that Eco looked a little familiar, use to lurk on the other site always enjoyed the insights...

I wonder if a small "wing" at the end of your cap might not help a bit with airflow over the top?

Loving the gun control sticker BTW ;)
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